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Get New Cabinets or Make Old Ones Look New

We make your kitchen and bathrooms look new and wonderful!!! We specialize in Cabinet Make-overs! We are able to refinish most kitchens in one or two days. While other cabinet re-finishers take weeks to work on a job, we focus on one job – – YOURS – – until its complete. We have a unique and simple way to accomplish this task, but this our guarantee to you……we will complete the job on time and on budget. Below are some of services:

Cabinet Painting

When a customer wants a solid color like WHITE or ESPRESSO or GRAY or actually any paint color, we match that color into a high quality LACQUER. WE DON'T USE LATEX PAINT !!!

Latex comes in many disguised names - like Acrylic or oil modified or 100% Acrylic...DON'T be fooled!

These products are NOT for cabinets. The are merely wall paints. They will scratch off!

Water-based products are the favorite of do-it-yourselfers and painting contractors because that's what they know.

Professional cabinet refinishing and cabinet repainting pros use products specifically made for cabinets.


New Cabinet Doors

Many of our clients are finding it is very economical to get brand new doors and brand new drawers. This option usually includes new "soft close" hinges, new hardware and updated trim veneers and moldings.

We can get you a brand new look without the hassle of tearing your kitchen apart. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Much of this web page talks about cabinet refinishing...but this new door option is becoming MORE and MORE exciting and popular.

New Cabinets at a price you can live with. Get the color and style you want - You can never feel sorry about getting precisely what you desire. PLUS we take credit cards.

When you buy a car or a house you get what you want - shouldn't you have the dream kitchen that is the envy of the neighborhood?

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing is a lot like cabinet painting, except we use stains and glazes. While some people want a painted look - solid color like white or gray - we also can "re-stain" your cabinets.

We have a proprietary method to do this. It involves some sanding but the secret resides in the dyes and tints we carry with us.

We can match virtually and piece of furniture or other wooden piece in you house to give your cabinetry a wood stained look.

These colors are Walnuts, Mahoganies, Cherries and Espressos

Most of our products are solvent based and last for many years.

New Cabinets

We can even get you new cabinets. Sometimes that IS the best option. New Cabinet boxes, new hinges, new drawers. New everything. Let us help you decide by talking with you about your project.

Most Cabinet Guys sell you cabinets from china that come in a box called RTA. That means Ready to Assemble.

Our cabinets are made to the size you need with real wood. No Particle Board. No Fake Stuff Here.

Our pull out drawers and soft close features are put together in our USA shop.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services too. Front Doors, Banisters, Interior wood work and doors and Specialty Trim Work and Crown Molding. Many times we custom build islands or move microwaves and things like that.

We can get you new hinges even if your old ones are exposed and are out of date. We also install hardware, handles and knobs.